Mid Term Investment Plan

Cryptocurrency investors with a time horizon of up to three years can get invest in PCI Focused Equity Fund which gives an ideal ROI for such investors. Mid-range cryptocurrency plans offer a great value to your investment making the best investment options.

Focused Equity Fund

PCI Focused Equity Fund has been designed to keep the focus on the investment of funds with the right mix of cryptocurrencies. This fund gives the ROI of up to 26% with a time horizon of 36 months giving you the wide options to choose the payouts from different dates as per your needs. You can start with 20K USD and enjoy a bonus dividend of up to 10%.

Flexible Payouts Options

Investing in cryptocurrency funds with a mid-term investment time horizon comes with multiple interesting benefits. You can choose from the various payouts options like daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. This much flexibility while investing in crypto can help you enhance your wealth through investing in the best digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

Choose the PCI Focused Equity Fund and enjoy the right combination of high ROI & bonus dividend on your investment in cryptocurrencies.

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High Bonus Dividend

Apart from regular payouts options, PCI Focused Fund is featured with a high bonus divided. If you continue your investment beyond the maturity period you can get an additional bonus dividend of up to 10%. And similarly, if you continue your investment you can enjoy the high ROI at the end of the maturity of your investment into PCI focused fund.

Risk-free Investment

Putting money into long-term investments comes with the risk of various factors like economic crises, unexpected economic situations, and regulatory policy of the government towards such funds. The lock-in period of PCI Focused Fund is only 3 years which is not a long time period giving you a risk-free investment opportunity in crypto-based funds.

Projected Growth
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