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CMO, VP Operations
Emerson Anderson

Executive manager with an impressive background of positive impact on businesses within diverse industry sectors. Talented at understanding all aspects of business functions that provide the ability to create solutions from various perspectives and lead to ever-increasing sales revenue and business presence while reducing operating expenses. Skill-sets include operations / systems development, sales / marketing, and process redesign and improvements.

  • Director of Development – Bank of America
  • VP Finance – Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
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Build a portfolio

Invest in Crypto market with us and we will help you to build a strong portfolio that will give you a well-paid returns with enhanced capital without any kind of risk.


Our Crypto wealth managers help our investors create a wealth by investing in the cryptocurrency market despite the risk of high volatility in the market.

Senior Investment Manager
Evelyn Snyder

Evelyn Snyder is a Senior Investment Manager at PCI Group. In this role, she is responsible for the Investment and portfolio management, strategy planning, and communication of multi-asset class portfolios for high-net-worth clients and institutions.

Prior to joining PCI Group, Evelyn worked at FS Investments as Executive Director, Senior Portfolio Specialist where she served as a subject matter expert to educate advisors and investors on all investment offerings, and was the lead specialist on a multisector bond fund, including investments in corporate credit, emerging markets and structured products.

Evelyn is a member of the CFA Institute and the American Statistical Association.

Evelyn earned her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and her Master of Arts in statistics from Columbia University. She also completed the Private Equity and Venture Capital Executive Education course at Harvard Business School.

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Emerson Anderson
Co-founder, VP Marketing
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Evelyn Snyder
Co-founder, VP Marketing
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Steven Beals
Co-founder, VP Marketing
PCI Group
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Operating with the team members of strong crypto experts who have extensive experience in cryptocurrency market.

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Offering the flexible options to trade or invest in cryptocurrency market with various tools, software and crypto investment plans.

Highly Protected Fund

Trading or investing in crypto with us not only highly profitable but also very safe protecting our clients from negative balances.

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